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The classic, addictive game of buy low, sell high!


The good news - you have $2,000 in cash. The bad? You owe $5,500 to Dishonest Harry, interest is piling up, he'll be visiting you soon for his money, and he owns a chainsaw! Just sayin'.

You only have one choice - choose a game length, starting city and difficulty level, and dive into the underworld of peddling drugs! Tap an item to trade it, or swipe right (buy) or left (sell) to trade the maximum possible quantity.

As you travel from location to location using the “airplane” button, a day elapses and local prices change. Buy low, sell higher! Along the way, special events will cause prices to rise or fall spectacularly, so be ready for these.

But beware - Officer Hardass is looking out for you, so get prepared for a stand-off with the cops by visiting the Store by tapping the “shopping cart” button.

There are muggers out there, so try to keep unused cash in the bank, earning interest. You can tap the “$” button to do your banking, or swipe up and down between the cash and bank display to easily move money. Other loan sharks can lend you money to solve short-term liquidity crunches, but they'll be after their money soon enough! Tap the “devil” button and scroll between the different loan sharks to get the best deal for your needs.

If you get injured, pop in to see the local doctor at his surgery by tapping the “medical bag” button, but look out! He has no scruples, and you have kidneys. A bad combination.

Listen out for the crazy old lady, too. She sure has some wacky things to say, but occasionally, she'll give you a tip off about a raid. Also, keep an eye out (and cash on hand, not in the bank) for the chance to buy a larger coat. More space, more profit!

If you end the game with a positive cash balance, your score will be saved on your device, if it is one of the top 20 scores for that game length. If you sign in to Play Games (Android) or Game Center (iOS), your score will be entered in the Leaderboards (for difficulty levels Normal and higher), so you can see how you fare against your friends, or the whole planet!

Good luck my friend, you're sure going to need it!!


You will meet many wierd and wonderful characters during the game. Here are a few of them

Officer Hardass

Tireless cop who will chase you down endlessly, but can be bribed or scared away

Old Lady

Pops up with annoyingly useless comments, but occasionally gives a tip-off about a raid


Will attack you anywhere on your travels, take your cash and damage your health


Unscrupulous Doctor that will either heal you, or take your cash and kidneys. Take a chance!

Dishonest Harry

Loan Shark, will loan you up to 10 times your cash at 15% daily interest, payback expected in 10 days

Sandra Schwing

Loan Shark, will loan you up to 20 times your cash at 10% daily interest, payback expected in 15 days

Tank NoNeck

Loan Shark, will loan you up to 30 times your cash at 20% daily interest, payback expected in 7 days

Bulbous Bertha

Loan Shark, will loan you up to 50 times your cash at 30% daily interest, payback expected in 2 days

Lil Mickey

Loan Shark, will loan you up to 100 times your cash at 25% daily interest, payback expected in 5 days


Why did you change the names of the products from the "classic" version?

Google and Apple now have policies that prevent using the names of the products in the "classic" version, so we had to change them to keep the store listing active. Other than the name changes, though, everything else about the game - the price ranges, the events, the gameplay - remain exactly the same as the "classic" version. For reference, here are the "classic" names side-by-side with the new names, to help you cross-reference the two:

Acid, Cocaine, Hash, Heroin, Molly, Ice, Opium, Crack, Peyote, Mushrooms, Speed, Weed, Special K
have changed to:
Apollo 13, Aurora, Flo, Kali mist, Cheese, Bush, Indica, Sativa, Chernobyl, Skunk, OG Kush, Chronic, Vortex

"Classic"Weed Edition
AcidApollo 13
HeroinKali mist
SpeedOG Kush
Special KVortex

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