Welcome to Dope Wars! Make as much as you can in this classic drug dealing game of buy low, sell high! The good news - you have $2,000 in cash. The bad? You owe $5,500 to Honest Harry, a not-too-friendly loan shark, interest is piling up, he'll be visiting you soon for his money, and he owns a chainsaw! Just sayin'. You only have one choice - dive into the underworld of peddling drugs to make money fast and save your skin!

As you travel from location to location, a day passes and local prices change. Buy low, sell higher! But beware - Officer Hardass is looking out for you, so get prepared for a stand-off with the cops by visiting the Superstore to tool up for the inevitable confrontation!

Along the way, special market events will cause prices to rise or fall spectacularly, so be ready for these, this is how you get rich! There are muggers out there, so try to keep unused cash in the bank, earning interest. Other loan sharks can lend you money to solve short-term liquidity crunches, but they'll be after their money soon enough! If you get injured, pop in to see the local doctor at his surgery, but look out - he has no scruples, and you have kidneys. A bad combination.

Listen out for the crazy old lady, too. She sure has some wacky things to say, but occasionally, she'll give you a tip off about a raid. Also, keep an eye out (and cash on hand) for the chance to buy a larger trench coat. More space, more profit! Good luck my friend, you're sure going to need it!!

This version of the game is ported directly from the wildly popular version of the PC game, also from Beermat Software, based on the original Drug Wars, by John E. Dell. Same great addictive game play, modified for your mobile device. Download the ad-supported version from Google Play for free now!

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