Why did you change the names of the products from the “classic” version?

Google and Apple now have policies that prevent using the names of the products in the “classic” version, so we had to change them to keep the store listings from being suspended. Other than the name changes, though, everything else about the game – the price ranges, the events, the gameplay – remain exactly the same as the “classic” Windows version. And remember, in the app, you can always edit the names to whatever you want them to be!

For reference, here are the “classic” names side-by-side with the new names, to help you cross-reference the sets of names:

Acid, Cocaine, Hash, Heroin, Molly, Ice, Opium, Crack, Peyote, Mushrooms, Speed, Weed, Special K

have changed to:

Apollo 13, Aurora, Flo, Kali mist, Cheese, Bush, Indica, Sativa, Chernobyl, Skunk, OG Kush, Chronic, Vortex