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Dopewars 2.0.3 released

Dopewars 2.0.3 has been released for iOS and Android, with the following new features:

  • Copy the Game Log to clipboard for further analysis 
  • Watch new Rewarded Ad to get the RCL9000 weapon and ammo!
  • Officer Hardass is now off-duty until day 3
  • Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks

Dopewars 2.0.2 released

Dopewars 2.0.2 has been released for iOS and Android, with the following new features:

  • Mini Chart – Longpress on a product to bring up a mini chart on main display
  • Added sparkle effects to emphasize certain events
  • Stability updates, bug fixes
  • Improved support for square screens (Android)

Dopewars 2.0.1 released

Dopewars 2.0.1 has been released for iOS and Android, with the following new features:

  • Support landscape view on wide tablets (Android)
  • Charts – can ‘clip’ extreme prices from chart, remove dots, save settings
  • Rewarded ads to keep Officer Hardass at bay, get interest-free loans and more
  • Submit score later to Play Games Leaderboards from device High Scores
  • ‘Buy or Sell’ popup dismissable by tapping outside, pressing back, or via a cancel button
  • Hide Settings button and product header on main game window, for small screens
  • Performance and stability updates, bug fixes

Dopewars 2.0.0 released

Re-release of fully re-engineered app, but with the exact same gameplay as before! Many improvements made to the UI throughout the game. There may be first release blues, so bear with us, we’ll be on top of this! Due to the new technology used, we sadly could not preserve prior user updates to names, cities, etc. and for that we apologize. We really tried!

New features include:

  • Global Scores replaced with Game Center (iOS) and Play Games (Android)
  • Use a seed value to create and replay unique games. Copy seeds from the High Scores page to re-use when creating a new game
  • Customize the game text, weapons, shark names, product names and much more to change the feel of the game. Always dreamt of playing Cheesewars? Naming Sharks after your friends / boss? Make it happen!
  • Ability to watch an ad at end of game to extend game length beyond 30 days (free version)
  • Improved landscape mode for iPad, with mini chart added to main game page
  • New difficulty level Normal+ added. This is the same as the normal difficulty, except that price ranges are randomized
  • Right handed players – move the game controls to the right side via Settings. Also sells your right kidney first 🙂
  • Light and Dark theme support via Settings